Quam Technologies Strikes Gold with Acronis: A New Era of Data Protection Begins

August 23, 2023

In the ever-evolving world of data protection and
cybersecurity, it is essential to align with partners who demonstrate prowess,
reliability, and innovation. Quam Technologies has taken a significant stride
in this direction by achieving the status of a Gold Service Provider with
Acronis. This achievement underscores the company’s commitment to delivering
top-tier solutions and services to its clientele.

A Golden Milestone: What does this mean for Quam

Achieving the Gold Service Provider status with Acronis is
not a trivial accomplishment. It signifies that Quam Technologies has met
rigorous criteria in terms of expertise, customer service, and technical

  1. Expertise:
    Quam Technologies has showcased a deep understanding of Acronis products,
    ensuring they can provide expert guidance to their customers.
  2. Customer
    : This accolade emphasizes Quam’s dedication to customer
    satisfaction, illustrating that they don’t just sell solutions – they
    stand by their clients every step of the way.
  3. Technical
    : With constant changes in the realm of data protection, Quam’s
    team has consistently demonstrated their capability to stay ahead of the
    curve, utilizing Acronis tools to their utmost potential.

Acronis: A Beacon of Trust in Data Protection

For those unfamiliar, Acronis is a global leader in cyber
protection, integrating backup, disaster recovery, and enterprise file sync and
share solutions. Their partnerships with service providers are an endorsement
of excellence, as they select companies that reflect their commitment to
securing data against modern-day threats.

By joining hands with Acronis at a gold level, Quam
Technologies positions itself at the forefront of the cybersecurity landscape,
gaining access to premium resources, enhanced support, and strategic insights.

The Future Looks Bright

This collaboration augments the suite of services Quam
Technologies offers its customers:


In today’s data-driven era, the importance of securing
business information cannot be overstated. With Quam Technologies’ recent
elevation to Gold Service Provider status with Acronis, businesses can rest
assured that they’re receiving top-notch protection and service. As they
continue to innovate and excel, the future looks promising for both Quam
Technologies and their clients.