Co-Manged IT

Co-Managed IT services from Quam Technologies let your IT team focus on what’s imporant.

Quam Technologies can help your IT team be more efficient, by leveraging our technologies and services. Whether you have a single person IT department, or an entire time. We are there to support you every step of the way. Your team will get access to our software tools. You can leverage our 24×7 help desk to improve productivity

Our services


This is the only package that is required, as it is the basis of all of our offerings. This will help your IT staff be more effecient. It also enable all of our other software to work

SOC backed EDR

This takes anti-virus to the next level, by adding in an EDR that is monitored by a SOC 24x7.

24x7 Help Desk

Get help when your IT staff isn't there, or when they are busy.

Microsoft 365 Backup

Did you know that Microsoft does not back-up your Office 365 data? We can help you choose the right back-up solution for your Microsoft 365 data.

Server Backup Disaster and Recovery

Do you have on-premise servers? What happens when they fail? We can get you back up and running in minutes not days.

Anti-Phishing Filter

Help prevent phishing attempts from even reaching your users' inbox.

Cybersecurity Training

Your users are a key part to your cybersecurity. Train them to avoid threats

Patch Management

Keep your systems and applications up to date.